School Curriculum

Curriculum Overview


With God, our school provides children with a safe, inspiring and nurturing learning environment.  A place where children and community can thrive, achieve and develop life-long skills.  Rich learning experiences will ignite desire to learn, achieving success. By raising aspirations and instilling self-belief, children are enabled to lead a fulfilled life, contributing to the community and beyond.

Curriculum intent

Our curriculum will provide children with the knowledge and lifelong skills, including reading, writing, Numeracy and Speaking, which they need to become confident, independent and successful individuals who are equipped to succeed in the next stage of their education and thrive in later life.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure children have access to a broad and balanced experience. Each subject is planned carefully to ensure a progression in skills and knowledge as they move through the school.

Children will be given opportunities to be inquisitive, develop a thirst for knowledge, a love of learning and develop an open enquiring mind. Our curriculum will encourage children to ask questions, not accepting that they don’t know enabling the children to become active in their own learning.

Through our Religious Education, PSHE, collective worship and enrichment experiences, the curriculum will encourage children to be tolerant, be accepting of diversity and enable them to disagree well.  This will build social cohesion and have legacy within the local community and beyond.

Our curriculum aims to ensure that all children reach or exceed their potential regardless of their background, social disadvantage or SEND need.

Our curriculum is set out in a curriculum overview document, Year groups and subject long term plans.  The curriculum has been mapped carefully to the national curriculum and progression of skills has been planned by use of the Chris Quigley essentials milestones.

Each subject in the curriculum has a designated subject leader who has an overview of their subject, including a vision statement, how the subject is going to be assessed and how their subject is going to be assessed.

Each subject leader with have an evidence file, programme of monitoring

Our school provides a significant number of enrichment activities to develop children’s cultural capital (see Cultural Capital Overview)

Here are the curriculum plans for each year group. These are based on the National Curriculum for England at Key Stages 1 and 2. If you have any further queries regarding the curriculum please speak to Mrs Rumford.

Long Term Plans – Year Groups

Long Term Plans – Subjects