Big Questions

We have big questions in class that we discuss on a weekly basis during Collective Worship. Here are the questions for this term.

Autumn 1: Theme is Compassion

School Value: Compassion

Week 1: Compassion for Neighbours in need. Should you show acts of kindness to those you don’t like?

Week 2: Compassion for the others. How does practising compassion make you happy?

Week 3: Compassion for Others. Do you think of everyone you meet as offering an opportunity to be kind?

Week 4: Compassion through Harvest. What would the world be like without compassion?

Week 5: God’s Compassion. What would the consequences be if you only showed compassion to yourself?

Week 6: Compassion through charity. Is money the only way to show compassion to charities?

Week 7: Compassion through charity. In what ways can you ease someone’s suffering?

Autumn 2: Theme Advent and Christmas

School Value: Compassion

Week 1: Is it easy to have hope?

Week 2: Do we always hope and pray for the right things?

Week 3: If we were asked to complete a task, what would it take for you to complete? Serving a neighbour? Moving house? Bringing a new baby into your family?

Week 4: Why is life not always fair?

Week 5: Is it always easy to have determination?

Week 6: What can we learn from the innkeeper in the Nativity story?

Week 7: Why are the Magi called wise men?

Spring 1:

School value: Thankfulness

Week 1: Who are we thankful for in our lives and why?

Week 2: What in our world can we be thankful for?

Week 3: Should we only be thankful for the things we like?

Week 4: Should we only be thankful for the good things?

Week 5: How can we ‘count our blessings’?

Week 6: “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say thank you?” Do we always have to say Thank You to be thankful?

Spring 2: Respect

Week 1: Should we pray for those who have wronged us?

Week 2: How does difference make our world a better place?

Week 3: How should we treat those who have done wrong?

Week 4: Are all places as valuable as each other?

Week 5: Why is freedom of speech and thought important?

Summer 1: Determination

Week 1: How are determination and bravery similar / different?

Week 2: How many times should you try at something if you are struggling?

Week 3: Why is it easy to give up?

Week 4: Is the phrase ‘no gain without pain’ a useful phrase to live by?

Week 5: Is it OK to give up?

Week 6: Is it important to have goals?

Week 7: How have we shown determination this term?

Summer 2: Forgiveness

Week 1: What is forgiveness? What sorts of things do we need to forgive?

Week 2: ‘I have made a Mistake.’ How do we show forgiveness?

Week 3: Why should we show forgiveness?

Week 4: Should forgiveness include forgiving everybody?

Week 5: How many times should we forgive people who do wrong?

Week 6: How do we move on when we feel hurt?