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Westminster COVID-19 Risk Assessment for September 2020

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1st September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you have all had a good summer, despite the restrictions that have been put in place to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

We are looking forward to welcoming ALL children back into school on Monday 7th September 2020.

As outlined at the end of July, the additional safety arrangements now in place are as follows:

  • School is compulsory so you are required to bring your children to school each day, unless your child has an underlying health issue. If your child is not attending due to health reasons, please contact the school office.
  • Northallerton Road gate will be closed. Please use the Westminster Road gate only
  • ALL parents to drop children at the top gate on Westminster Road between 8.15am and 8.30am where they will be met by teachers and staff. Only parents of children who are new to nursery or receptions class will be allowed on the driveway in a morning
  • Please can parents wear face coverings. (Staff will be wearing one too.)
  • Children will be guided to their entrance by staff
  • Only school book bags should be brought into school as these can be stored under childrens’ chairs (no rucksacks)
  • Packed lunches be brought in a small lunch bag/box – these will be stored under their chair
  • Children will have their hands sprayed with our ‘magic water’ (Stabilized Aqueous Ozone)
  • Children will hang coats on the back of chairs in their classrooms
  • All desks will face towards the front of the classroom
  • Groups of 30 children will be a ‘bubble’
  • Small groups for Phonics, maths groups or Y6 intervention will take place, but children from the same class will sit together
  • Some classes will have their lunches in class so we can spread children out in the dining room.
  • Children will have their own pencil case with their own equipment
  • Children will eat and have playtime with the children in their bubble
  • Regular hand washing will take place
  • Classrooms will be cleaned several times per day
  • Door handles, toilets and hand rails will be cleaned regularly throughout the day
  • Children need to wear clean uniform that is changed or washed every day
  • Breakfast and after school clubs will not be running until November at the earliest. If you are a working parent and this causes an issue, please contact the school office
  • Children and adults do not need to wear masks or gloves inside the school building. Staff will use gloves and masks only when administering first aid.


Drop off and collection procedures

Arrival from 8.15 am

  • From September – please park on Prospect Road and not drive down Westminster Road. This will keep all our children and parents safer.
  • Please walk down the right hand side of the road, drop children at the main vehicle gate – staff will guide you. Then walk back up the other side of the road.
  • Please can adults wear a face covering and maintain 2m social distance from other parents and families. Parents must follow the social distancing guidance at all times.
  • If you need to speak to a teacher, please ask the staff at the gate who can arrange this or take a message.

End of the day – Pick up from 2.40pm

  • Please park on Prospect Road and walk down the right hand side of Westminster Road.
  • Please do not arrive before 2.30pm when the school gates will open
  • Parents can come down the drive and wait on the spots that are marked out at 2m intervals.
  • Staff will guide parents around the one-way route and will pick up their children as they go around the building.
  • Pick as you move around the building.
  • Y4 picked up from main hall
  • Y3 from their normal door
  • Chile and Brazil from the small hall
  • Argentina from Y6 door
  • Year 5 and 6 pupils can be collected from Westminster Road or walk home alone. A consent form will be sent home on the first day back.
  • Parents should wear face coverings

The government have created resources to help you if you are anxious about your children coming to school.

I know the last few months have been very challenging for everyone and that you may be worried about children coming back to school. If you have any questions about how we are going to keep children safe, please ring the school office on 01274 648490 and ask to speak to Liz Holland or me. You can also email the school office via

There are videos on our website to explain our safety measures These additional safety measures are part of our risk assessment which is available on our website if you wish to read the full document

It is essential that we have your up to date mobile number and that you are contactable every day, so that if your child becomes ill during the day, we can ring you and you come quickly to collect them. Please let the office staff know on 01274 648490 if your mobile number has changed.

Summer Refurbishment

A huge amount of work has been completed over the summer holidays which is funded by capital grants through our Trust:

  • The Y3/4 girls’ toilets have been refurbished
  • One of our smaller roof areas has been replaced
  • The parent hub outdoor area has been completed
  • The year 3 classrooms have been refurbished

Westminster Academy is now recruiting for a new Headteacher

I will sadly be leaving at the end of October to take up a new post. I have loved working with all our amazing parents and children and will miss you all. The school is in a good place and I am confident that all the improvements that we have made over the last four years will continue. I will keep you updated and let you know when the new Headteacher has been appointed.

Staff will be at the school gate each day so if you have any questions or wish to tell us anything, please speak to a member of staff when you drop off your children.

Please remember our new school times for September are now 8.30am until 2.40pm every day.

Finally, a big thank you to all out parents who have cooperated with us to enable us to keep staff, children and parents safe. We look forward to your ongoing support with our safety measures.

Yours faithfully

Nicky White